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Services We Provide

  • pic_3Site Owners: Free advisory and analytical services as well as the highest offers for lump sum buyouts for Site Owners seeking to sell their rent stream.  Our average increase in offer prices and values for site owners that contact us has been more than 10% above the highest offers they have had to date.  Why pay an ‘advisory’ firm when you can deal with experts that started the wireless lease buyout business in 2001.  Our ‘reward’ comes simply by being given the opportunity to make you an offer tailored for your objectives and situation, not ours. 
  • Originators/Aggregators: TCA provides originators and aggregation firms a marketing platform and compensation program that is superior to any other in the market. 
  • Tenant Partners: TCA offers advisory services for tower companies and wireless carriers seeking to protect their assets from predatory aggregators.  Tower Capital Advisors is proud to have been engaged by AT&T since 2015 to assist their landlords around the country.  Call us for references.
  • Institutional Investors:  Real-world, operator-level experience complements the traditional investment banking approach to advisory services for institutional and private investors seeking portfolios or individual transactions in the space.
  • Private Investors:  TCA’s acquisitions of wireless infrastructure easements/leases provide long-term cash flows with investment-grade tenant-credit counterparties. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

Tower Capital Advisors announces a Sell-Side Advisory/RFP Service for property owners interested in monetizing their wireless leases:

 There are times when TCA cannot provide an offer price that is truly reflective of the value of a wireless lease or when a municipal entity is required to run an open-market competitive bidding process by issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP).  Tower Capital Advisors has assisted numerous sellers with this task, often in cases with leases that are expiring in the near-term (e.g. less than 5 years) and where the current rent amount may not reflect the value of the site to the tenant.

Tenants (carriers and tower companies) are very much aware of when their leases are coming to the end of all renewal terms and all undertake sizable initiatives to contact property owners and attempt to negotiate renewals or buy-outs of the leases that ‘lock them into’ rent and structures that are favorable for them.  While this practice is a perfectly understandable business position for them to take, property owners that accept these offers can be leaving significant money on the table.

TCA has recently been retained by a number of larger property owners with one or more wireless leases that fit the above described situation to review the prices and structures offered by the tenants and solicit additional interest in the sites from independent 3rd parties that we know are well-capitalized and legitimate buyers of wireless leases.  Our engagements with these clients include formal Request for Proposal (RFP) preparation, price and document negotiation and continued advisory services through the closing of any sale of the lease (either with the original tenant or with any new buyer we find).  The cost structure for this service is completely ‘success-based’ and there is no expense unless our joint objectives are achieved.

In that regard, we have provided below our 2016 and 2017 track record for these ‘Sell-Side Advisory’ services below.  Note that in 2016 and 2017, TCA has achieved an improvement of more than 31% above the initial ‘best offer’ from the tenant.  Contact us today for more information.









Please call us at (800) 675-0144, or e-mail us at for more information.

Our Recent Transactions

"As a naïve cell tower lease holder considering selling my lease, TCA's website provided me with the information I needed to get a transaction done right.  Mr. DeMita continued to support and educate me through closing and  I was able to increase my offer by $95,000!"